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Posted: 10.23.2015

 Residential real estate sales in Brunswick, Bladen, and Columbus counties for September and the third quarter of 2015 increased solidly over the same period in 2014, according to statistics released by the Brunswick County Association of REALTORS (BCAR)>

"Sales continue to increase in the three counties over the previous year," said BCAR CEO Cynthia Cumbie. "The last four months showed the highest number of sales during the year. The local real estate market has been moving in a positive direction this year, and these latest statistics underscore the uptick we have observed in Brunswick and surrounding counties since January."

The average number of units sold in the three counties increased 24.1% between September 2014 and September 2015, Cumbie reported, going from $48.8 million to $63.6 million.

Sales in the third quarter of 2015 outpaced last year as well, with the average number of units sold increasing 16.9%, average sales price jumping 5.5%, and total sales increasing 23.2$ - from $51.76 million in 2014 to $62.8 million in 2015.

In Brunswick County, the number of units sold increased from 211 in September 2014 to 241 this September, while the average sales price increased from $229,529 to $245,384, and the total sales going from $48.4 million to $59.13 million.

Brunswick County

Single Family Sales - Listings

September 2014:  334

September 2015:  322

Change:  -3.6%

Single Family Sales - Units Sold

September 2014:  211

September 2015:  241

Change:  14.2%

Single Family Sales - Average Sales Price

September 2014:  $229,529

September 2015:  $245,384

Change:  6,3%

Single Family Sales - Total Sales Volume

September 2014:  $48,430,616

September 2015:  $59,137,573

Change:  22.1%

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