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Posted: 08.10.2015

...right in your backyard.  

"America's fastest growing sport" - Pickleball is a hybrid of badminton, ping pong, and tennis. The game is played with improvised wooden paddles, a whiffle ball, and a shortened badminton net. It was "born" almost 50 years ago (and named for the creator's dog), and is now available in most communities throughout the US (and many right here in Brunswick County). The game is usually played with doubles; however, singles is also an option.  

You are invited to join the fun every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 8-11 a.m. at 46th Street SE (behind the Town Hall facility).  There are four courts, newly re-surfaced, plus all the equipment to play the game.  Don't know how to play?  No worries, some of the regular players will take the time to teach beginners; and before you know it, everyone is having fun and enjoying themselves.

For more information, call the Oak Island Department of Recreation @ 910.278.5518.

See you on the courts!!

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