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Posted: 07.3.2015

 The feelings July 4th inspire internally are hard to put into words.

I remember when I first started in real estate; I was cold-calling an individual to possibly list their home. We were discussing everything you are NOT supposed to - politics and religion. I had told the individual, with enormous pride, that I am a retired United States Marine. The comment made to me following this went something like... "Marine?, Death Before Dishonor?, you wouldn't really die for your country"?

This comment caught me by surprise; and I didn't know how to respond. I politely told the individual that I had nothing else to talk about, and that I wasn't the right person to sell their home. CLICK!

I seriously thought about this comment for a few days. Would I have really died for my country? Hell yeah! Thousands of men and women have died fighting to maintain our INDEPENDENCE and beliefs, Without them, where would the United States be today? Who knows, we may very well have kept a confederate flag for a divided nation.

NEVER DOUBT the love of our Country by our People. The dream to have the ability to express one's self freely was given to all U.S. citizens by a light that burned brightly in the hearts of all the men and women that fought hard to gain and keep our freedom.

Stop, just for a moment, and admire our beautiful flag - the strong red, white, and blue flying in the sky.

Enjoy the fireworks and festivities, time with friends and family. But please take a moment to remember and honor the personal sacrifices made by so many so that we could be a STRONG, UNITED, INDEPENDENT, and FREE country!

Semper Fi, Tracy

Tracy Swanson, GySgt USMC (Ret) is the Owner/Broker-in-Charge of Swanson Realty

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