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Posted: 02.8.2016

Planning 401: Conquering the Digital Divide

  • Organizing your important documents and information has never been more simple, but in the digital age, it can be even more complex
  • Passwords are paramount - if you have only a few, they can be store manually; but if you have several online accounts, you made need a program to keep them organized
  • There are several excellent military-grade encryption programs that can store passwords safely, while making it easy ti access them for your own use
  • Email accounts - your proxy may need to find statements, proof of online payments, and contact info not available elsewhere
  • Social media accounts - it can be difficult or impossible to shut these down without login details
  • Banking, credit cards and other online finances - without logins, your proxy will have a difficult and lengthy process proving they have access rights
  • Bills - credit cards, cell phone account, utilities, loans, subscriptions, will all need to be dealt with
  • Entertainment - ebooks, audio books, music and movie sites - may have account balances
  • Personal storage - like Dropbox, iCloud, Snapfish, Shutterfly, etc
  • Rewards programs - from credit cards, airlines, etc
  • Devices - passwords to access your smartphone, laptop, desktop, tablet or router
  • Budgeting and money-management - programs like MInt, FreshBooks, or Quickbooks will need to be accessd

A Word to the Wise - PASSWORDS: Don't Use Just One
If you are using a single user name/password combination across multiple websites to keep things simple, you are taking a horrible risk. A single breach on any website you use, or have used in the past, could give a hacker access to information that a "bot" program then uses, testing your user name/password combination on thousands of other websites and recording all successful logins. These criminals can then access your information any time they like.

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