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Posted: 02.5.2016

Planning 301: Other Personal Information

  • Identification: copies of your driver's license, medical/insurance cards, original social security card, passport, military ID, discharge papers
  • Employment timeline/resume: this is important even for retirees, since it might be used to track down dates of employment and accounts that may not be recorded for benefits. For the same reason, you may want to list places that you have lived and dates of residency.
  • Vehicles: gather information on your cars/trucks/boats/recreational vehicles, including VIN numbers, titles, any financing information, maintenance records, tag/tax information, and related insurance details.
  • Family/friends: basic information on your parents, children, next of kin, and closest friends. Include full legal name, physical address, cell/home/work numbers, place of employment, and another person who can reach them (a roommate, spouse, friend, co-worker).
  • Pet arrangements: your veterinarian, any medical issues, pet insurance, care instructions, and guidance on your pet's likes/dislikes.
  • Personal budget: monthly bills, how they are paid, where income originates and is stored, and related access details.

Stay tuned for Part IV - "Conquering the Digital Divide"

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